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Midwifery help after the birth works. It is a cultural asset, supportive, caring and full of joie de vivre.

Starting your family life with a lot of peace and loving midwifery help is your choice and our common work goal. Because the paths we take at the beginning of life set the course for the future.

That is why I am there for you after the birth, with passion and commitment, so that you can find your way safely and safely in your new life.


Offers in the puerperium

Postpartum care at home can include the following topics - but since every pregnancy and birth is individual, postpartum care at home is also individually tailored to your needs:

In the child:

- Advice on how to deal with your newborn (e.g. changing diapers, personal hygiene, bathing)

- Adaptation of the newborn to life (e.g. crying behavior, wake-sleep rhythm, temperature regulation, stimulus processing, abdominal pain)

- Control of healthy development (e.g. growth, weight, reflexes)

- Advice on breastfeeding / advice on feeding with artificial baby food

- for outpatient birth: vitamin K administration, blood sample for metabolic screening (

- Instructions for baby massage

With the mother:

- Monitoring of the regression and healing processes

- advisory discussions about the birth and the changing living conditions

- Postnatal gymnastics

- Help with problems / pain while breastfeeding or a birth injury

- Baby sling advice

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